new Power V Grip II attached

How has the shape changed?

The width of bevel 2 increased.

The width of bevel 4 increased.

The width of bevel 3 decreased, height increased.

An asymmetrical shape has been created.

A beveled tip has been added.  See photo above.

Why is this shape better?

The handle has the form and function necessary for today's POWER GAME.

Leverage has been increased.

More traction.

Each grip has a distinctive feel.  Makes all the grips easy to find.

The length of the Power V Grip can be adjusted to accommodate exactly how you position your index finger for the Continental grip on your serve.

What will this do for your game?

You will generate more power.

You will have exceptional racquet face angle awareness.

You will get more rotation on your topspin and slice shots.

Very beneficial for the Semi-Western grip.  Bevel 4

Very beneficial for the Continental grip.  Bevel 2

You will change grips quickly and accurately during play.
(Makes teaching, learning and using all the grips so much easier.)

  NOW - ONLY - $11.00

We are so confident that the Power V Grip will improve your game SIGNIFICANTLY we back it up with our iron clad, UNCONDITIONAL, money-back GUARANTEE good for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.  We will even refund the cost of shipping and handling. 


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Here are a few great testimonials.

Read this great testimonial from Peter D. McCraw, The High Performance Development Coach at IMG Academies - Bollettieri Tennis Academy.  He says,"The Power -V- Grip has helped our players make important grip changes in no time at all.  There appears to be a benefit in changing the shape of the grip when making a grip change.  It has helped break down existing motor control patterns and form new ones in half the time."  Update, Peter is now back in Australia.     

Jesse Carl -University of Delaware - Division One College player - "I love this thing, my forehand has never been so big.  It took me no time at all to adjust.  I am sure some of my teammates at the University of  Delaware will start using this product as well as my brother who is on the team." (My father at home wants to try it too.)

"Thanks for the awesome product and your intentions of making a very difficult sport a little easier."

Which Power V Grip Should You Buy? Click here. 

I know a lot of you have trouble deciding which Power V Grip to order. As always, you can send me an e-mail telling me what you hope to accomplish with one of the Power V Grips, what grips you are currently using, what your current level of play is.  I would be more then happy to make a recommendation.  I would love to hear from you.   

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  NOW - ONLY -  $11.00

Power V Grip (PVG)

 Power V Grip II (PVG II)

The Power V Grips add Leverage to the handle for more
Power and Control


You can't find the grip you want quickly and accurately.
You are not aware of the racquet face angle.
Your racquet turns in your hand.

 Amazing results achieved by players on all levels.