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Launched at Yonkers, The Big Apple, in 1907, Packer Shoes was created by Henry Packer's grandfather and big brother. He grew up in the shop, putting on all the possible hats when working with his family members. In 2002, Packer would decide to have a chance to leave his law firm and start it in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he lived for a long time with his family members. Trainer shops of this caliber are usually found in major urban Best Style Releases centers such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Ohio, and in many cases, Bay Area, but Packer knew he could do it within 10 miles of New York City. the suburb of Teaneck, Nyc, his hometown with just over forty, 500 citizens. The lighthouse dungeon though someone would like to open one in brands the Jersey area as well was just one, 500 square feet for the first fifteen years of activity, and this week they presented the extended dungeon taking full advantage what the suburbs have to give you - space. The new place has become 2800 square feet, however, the extra size is not any article. The event specifically aims to create a creative space for a store much more immersive than that of more compact merchants. "We have now had the time and done a lot of things in the past, but every time we make a commitment, we count on companies to do more work through storytelling." The maximum number of people entering the stores is not lifeless This is not the case, men and women need to see, feel and experiment, "says Packer. Almost three times the original size of the 1st Teaneck, the glass dungeon has modern surfaces made of refined concrete and recovers wooden light fixtures.

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